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Welcome to My Website!

Hello there!  My name is J.P. and welcome to my website!  I have many passions and interests but my true love is music and I have written many compositions that I hope you will take the time to listen to.  If you search "J.P. Dennis" you can stream my music on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, CD Baby and other online sites.  (Some direct link buttons are on the right column!)

I currently work at Furkids (main cat shelter) and I love it!

The picture on to the left is my new Yamaha U1 upright piano.  I purchased in February 2016 and if you know me well I worked very hard to save up for it.  Thank you for all those that supported me in getting my dream piano!

****Latest Original Piece (2016):  I have uploaded a new piece to YouTube.  (See below.)  It's called "Theme for  New World".  Commissioned and dedicated to Elissa, Itasca, Roberta, and Tamsin. Original composition by J.P. Dennis. ( ). 2016. Played on a Yamaha U1 upright piano.

Upcoming Events:

Piano Party for Furkids will happen soon (Spring 2018).  Keep up to date by following me on Facebook.

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